Whether you have an established mediation practice or are considering mediation as a new career, I will provide you the necessary tools to build a thriving practice.  Just read what others have said  about my service……


“Our business was at a crossroads, with which direction to take not necessarily clear. Then Natalie and her marketing solutions business prowess stepped in with precision and clarity and helped forge a path forward that would lead to our certain success.”  – Brett Lovett, Mediator / Trainer


“Natalie is an expert in strategic marketing focused on Mediation and ADR. She is knowledgeable, well- connected and passionate about the business. I highly recommend her if you’re seeking to build your brand and expand your mediation practice.”Jeff Husserl, Mediator


“She is pleasant, ingenious, helpful,
an embodiment of good counsel.

Her marketing strategy transcends financial gains,
her client’s satisfaction is a monumental gain.

To revitalize your practice in Alternative Dispute Resolution,

I recommend Natalie Armstrong-Motin, as the solution!”  – Ukpeme Okon, Mediator


“Natalie is professional, innovative, and experienced. Her extensive knowledge in ADR, business, and marketing make her a superior communicator and coach. She uses a comprehensive and personalized approach to understanding and employing effective goal setting, strategizing, and business planning techniques. Natalie has provided me with various useful tools that have assisted in the clarification of my venture’s goals and overall planning. Thank you Natalie.”Rhiannon Paul, Mediator


“Mediation Institute was lucky enough to have Natalie Armstrong-Motin present a webinar for our members in Australia on Marketing your Mediation Practice. 

Natalie is very knowledgeable and generous with her knowledge. The feedback from members was very positive. 

I would highly recommend getting in touch with Natalie if you are a professional seeking to build your professional practice and looking for help to speed up the process.”  Joanne Law


“Natalie Armstrong-Motin is a profoundly gifted, compassionate, and discerning human being. She grew up in a dynamic business atmosphere, learning that in customer development and retention, service rules and relationships reign. She understands that success in life and business emerges from kindness, keen observation, and custom messaging.

Natalie’s global business experience sets her apart from other ADR marketing resources. She understands the inherent challenges in marketing conflict resolution services better than anyone I have met. That knowledge is essential in order to obtain new business in the field. 

For these reasons I engaged Natalie to guide me through a pivotal time, professionally and personally. Her direction has been invaluable. She identifies new opportunities that match my skills and experience. She helps me go after them. She makes strategic introductions. Natalie’s instincts are spot on; her messaging innovative and provocative; she is funny!

Before you spend another dime on a new app, website enhancement or social media clinic promoted by a self-styled ADR guru, invest in a consultation with Natalie Armstrong-Motin. Prepare to be transformed.”  Roger A. Moss, Mediator


“I attended a webinar which Natalie presented on marketing mediation practices. The webinar and the workbook provided beforehand were both excellent and gave many ideas for promoting my mediation practice. Natalie delivered the webinar in a very personable way and clearly spoke with great authority and experience. I thoroughly recommend Natalie if you need some guidance for promoting your mediation practice.”  Roger Gilbert, Mediator

“She’s dynamic!” – Mediator / Tax Attorney

“Fabulous!  Clear, informative, & energetic!” – Counselor / Mediator

“I loved the specifics – both the do’s and the don’ts!” – Mediator / Labor law attorney

“Very dynamic and instructive.  Natalie kept it fun and interesting” – Employment attorney / Mediator

“Best money I’ve spent in 35 years of practice!” –  Civil Litigator / Mediator

 “Excellent! – her presentation skills are super!  I found ALL the information helpful and well organized.  She has a great sense of humor!” – University Professor and Ombudsman

“I will recommend her to everyone!  She’s the best instructor I’ve ever had!” – Mediator / Attorney / Marriage and Family Therapist

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