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Schedule a private webinar course on the date and at the time that is most convenient for you. Choose from the programs below.

Marketing Strategies that Really Work & Business Basics of Successful Practices

We’ll discuss the basics in building and managing your business. Even if you already have a good handle on what needs to be done, I’ll introduce you to easier ways to meet your goals and endeavors. We’ll also talk about the five marketing activities that have proven most effective. We’ll discuss how to best position yourself to be the sought after writer, speaker, trainer, networker and social media master. Click here to schedule:

Positioning and Pricing for ADR Practitioners

Positioning and pricing your practice for ultimate success in your marketplace. We’ll discuss how to choose the best position for your practice to occupy and how to charge for your services so that clients are happy with both your service and paying you. Click here to schedule the best date and time for you and I to work through these topics together:

Social Media Marketing for Mediators and Arbitrators

Getting started with right social media platforms for mediators and arbitrators. Creating content that provides benefits to potential and existing clients while appropriately promoting your practice. Curating content from other sources so that you’re not always on the line to create to be creative. Using the right marketing tools – permission marketing is how we do it – I’ll show you how to do it right. Click here to set up a private webinar:

Leveraging Writing, Speaking, Networking & Training to Build Your Practice

We’ll discuss what to write, how to write it, and how to get it published. Public speaking is an art that can launch your practice. We’ll discuss the science behind becoming the go-to speaker for your target market. Networking – the ultimate way to let our prospective clients know that they can trust us with their cases. We’ll break it down and turn networking into net-success. Training your prospective clients puts you in the position of being the credible authority on ADR. Click below to learn how to master these crucial marketing techniques:

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