I am available for one on one consultations at your convenience.  I can assist you on all marketing and promotional, business development and public relation activities. Please contact me with your goals and endeavors and we’ll work together to reach them.

Many clients work with me using an hourly-paid program and others prefer a long-term contract.  Together we can find the solution that’s best for you and your practice.  Read the comments from clients below and click the link to schedule the best date and time for us to work together.

Rene Llapur

Empresas Familiares

June 17, 2019, Rene was a client of Natalie’s

Natalie is professional, innovative, and experienced. Her knowledge in ADR, business and marketing make her a very good counsel. I recommend Natalie Armstrong-Motin as an excellent counsel.

Roger A. Moss

Strategic Planning, Mediation & Conflict Intervention in Real Estate

August 12, 2018, Roger A. was a client of Natalie’s

Natalie Armstrong-Motin is a profoundly gifted, compassionate, and discerning human being. She grew up in a dynamic business atmosphere, learning that in customer development and retention, service rules and relationships reign. She understands that success in life and business emerges from kindness, keen observation, and custom messaging.

Ukpeme Okon

Ambassador for Peace, Barrister, Arbitrator, Charismatic Speaker, and Author of award-winning The Values String…

July 25, 2018, Ukpeme was a client of Natalie’s

She is pleasant, ingenious, helpful, an embodiment of goodcounsel. Her marketing strategy transcends financial gains, herclient’s satisfaction is a monumental gain. To revitalize yourpractice in Alternative Dispute Resolution, I recommend NatalieArmstrong-Motin, as the solution!

Rhiannon Paul, AccFM

Administrative Assistant at Investors Group Services (IGS)

July 25, 2018, Rhiannon was a client of Natalie’s

Natalie is professional, innovative, and experienced. Her extensive knowledge in ADR, business, and marketing make her a superior communicator and coach. She uses a comprehensive and personalized approach to understanding and employing effective goal setting, strategizing, and business planning techniques. Natalie has provided me with various useful tools that have assisted in the clarification of my venture’s goals and overall planning. Thank you Natalie.

Jeff Husserl

Managing Principal at Centrum Associates, LLC

July 24, 2018, Jeff was a client of Natalie’s

Natalie is an expert in strategic marketing focused on Mediation and ADR. She is knowledgeable, well- connected and passionate about the business. I highly recommend her if you’re seeking to build your brand and expand your mediation practice.

Brett Lovett

July 6, 2018, Brett was a client of Natalie’s

Our business was at a crossroads, with which direction to take not necessarily clear. Then Natalie and her marketing solutions business prowess stepped in with precision and clarity and helped forge a path forward that would lead to our certain success
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