Are You Ready? Number 4 in a series of 6

Are you ready to get business to come to you instead of having to spend your time drumming it up.  Odds are that you’re eager to get word-of-mouth and mindshare marketing working for you.

But are you ready to do what it takes to get it?

You might be surprised to find you’re not as ready as you think.

Can you clearly demonstrate why you’re the provider prospects should choose?


Are you just hoping that folks will believe enough in ADR to want to do business with you?

A clear definition of the benefits your practice has to offer are imperative.  Each provider and each practice is, or should be, unique.  You create your niche based on your experience and your expertise, as well as the need for such specialization in your geographic area.  You now need to think about how you will demonstrate your uniqueness to your target market.

One way to communicate the reasons a prospect should choose you is through anecdotes.

Allow your prospects to see something of themselves in the experiences you’ve had.

Another method of communicating your credibility and professionalism is to focus your media (both print and Internet) on the needs, concerns, fears, and issues most often seen in your clients.  Then, provide them a positive and reasonable solution to each of those concerns.  The content should be primarily about the reader and secondarily about you.

As impressive as your resume may read, your prospects are only concerned with the way in which you handle cases like theirs.


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