Are You Ready? Number 1 in a Series of 6

Last week I provided a six-item checklist to help you determine how well positioned you are to get word-of-mouth and mindshare marketing working for you.  And I promised to provide a detailed discussion of each item in the next six Marketing Resolution blog posts.

So, today I examine the first question on the list:  “Have you decided on the single thing for which you want to become well known?  Or are you still trying be everything to everyone?”.

To have business beat a path to your door, you need some quality that sets you apart from others in the field.  If you haven’t defined yet what makes you special, here are some strategies for strengthening your brand:

One way to establish your brand is to research what your competitors are known for and make the reverse attribute your distinctive quality.  For instance, if you learn your competition has built its reputation on its national presence, focus your marketing  in the fact that you’re local.  Herald that you are a member of your community, a friend to its residents, a fan of its past and present and an activist for its future.

You can also distinguish yourself from the competition by making their area of weakness your area of strength.  If your rivals provide poor customer service, have excellent customer service be your fingerprint.  Deliver on a promise to respond to all client inquiries within 24 hours, provide the most courteous and attentive staff, and design your office so that it is inviting and comfortable.

Last, you can establish a unique brand by positioning yourself as “the most” something, whether it’s the most expensive (or most inexpensive) provider in town, the person with the most extensive background in your practice specialty, or the practitioner who’s the most empathic.

However you choose to distinguish yourself from the competition, be sure that your defining trait has worth to your target audience and is something that reflects your passions and values.  The enthusiasm you feel toward your practice is perhaps the best marketing strategy of all.

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