At an international conference of ADR consumers a while ago I overheard one gentleman say to another “Mediation is the greatest thing since sliced bread”!

Well, here’s the thing about sliced bread.

It was invented by Otto Frederick Rohwedder in 1912. A simple yet brilliant idea: a machine that could take a loaf of bread and (voila) slice it!

Otto’s machine was a complete failure.

Around this same time was the beginning of the advertising age (which meant that no matter how a good a product or service was, without good marketing it had very little chance of success.

It was about 20 years later, when a new brand called Wonder started marketing sliced bread, that the invention caught on. It was the packaging and the advertising that worked – not the convenience or innovation of pre-slicing bread.

How does this translate to your practice?

Well, I know your service is great and you know your service is great – but if your consumers don’t know it … well, frankly, it just doesn’t matter how great your service really is. You’ve got to reach out to your consumers and tell them how great your service is. Tell why you’re different, better, faster, cheaper, bigger, smaller,…. But the point is – you’ve got to tell them.

If you need help figuring out ways to tell you customers how great your practice is, give me a call and I’ll you strategize some practice-building and marketing activities.

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