A Few Minutes a Day

As mediators we know that personal interaction is imperative. As marketers, that
same interaction shouldn’t be overlooked.

As a professional resolutionist your time is probably pretty full. It can be
difficult to add additional time-consuming tactics to an already demanding schedule.
So rather than overloading your schedule with a lot of frantic items for your already
busy daily to-do list, try this tact instead: Personally contact at least one previous client
every day with no other motive except to find out if they were happy with your service and ask if there’s anything else you can help them with.
For the vast majority of your clients, this can be handled with a telephone call, and on
the average should not take you more than five to ten minutes. Even the busiest of
my clients can dedicate a few minutes per day. A five- or ten-minute personal marketing foray is a modest demand on your time and great investment in your practice.

(And if you’re thinking this activity can be replaced by a text or email please reconsider.  In a world of technology you can make yourself stand out by having an actual conversation over a cup of coffee or on the phone)

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