How to Show Your Clients Appreciation And Mean It

The fastest way to lose customers is to take them for granted. And worse yet,  it is their perception of being valuable that counts, not whether you really take them for granted
or not.

Ultimately there is only one way you can control what they think of you. That is to treat them better than your competitors do, and to continually remind them that the reason you treat them that way is because you appreciate their business so much.

Here are just a few of the little (and extremely low-cost) ways that you can say and demonstrate just how much you appreciate your customers:

* Tell them
* Always say “thank you”
* Tell them again
* Give them more than they expect
* Charge them less than they expect
* Offer them something they do not expect
* Tell them again
* Include handwritten thank-you notes in mail or deliveries
* Ask them if you can help with ________(fill in the blank)
* Tell them again

The low-cost marketer knows that what works costs less than what doesn’t work.
The low-cost marketer also knows that knowing customers and keeping them satisfied
is the most efficient and therefore lowest low-cost marketing.

Need more low-cost ideas?  Give me a call and we’ll brainstorm appropriate ways for you to promote your practice.

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