Start a Love Affair with your Junk Mail

You can’t get a cheaper marketing education than this exercise. This particular
activity will get you think in terms of benefits, rather than features, when you’re
shaping your marketing pieces.

Stack your recent junk mail as well as your favorite magazines and newspapers on
your desk and grab a marker. Go through the advertisements in each publication
one at a time, and look for two things: either what appeals to you or what is missing.

Write on the ads with your marker either that a benefit is missing or present and, if so, what it is. Hone your ability to spot what is beneficial, rather than what is a
bell and whistle, and you will be in a better position to identify your own benefits.

Also, study each ad for symmetry, use of color, text boxes, types of fonts used, and
clever content.

Be especially aware of the ads that you either don’t like or that don’t move you at all,
as opposed to those ads you do like. Keep two lists (one positive and one negative) of
the aspects of those ads so that you to a have a quick reference of what you want to
replicate and what you want to avoid.

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