More “Free” Advice

It is hard to imagine that the word ‘free’ can be overused. Most practitioners in
fact are under the impression that it costs you nothing to use it and it almost
always has a positive effect on the person who reads or hears it. In fact, ‘free’
to your clients can cost you a bundle in cost opportunities and like anything else,
‘free’ wears thin with repeated use.

In addition, most people have an intuitive sense that things are pretty much worth
what they cost, and that you get what you pay for. Forever free suggests forever
worthless. Don’t run the risk of rending one of the most powerful words in the
English language impotent. Use it judiciously to keep your psychological marketing
edge and practice in good financial health.

Having said that … if you would like to schedule a free consultation with me to help you with you marketing or business development just sent me a message or call me.


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