A brochure is often a secondary tool in a marketing arsenal (after a website). It’s
the all-purpose vehicle you can use for any occasion. But many of us don’t
make effective use of a brochure and leave out important elements. Here are
costly brochure mistakes to avoid.

MISTAKE #1: The brochure doesn’t contain all the elements of a competent
marketing message. Bits and pieces of information aren’t enough. Your
brochure should take your prospect through your message from beginning to
end. It should provide all the facts and persuasion necessary to get your
prospect to take whatever action you want him to take.

MISTAKE #2: The brochure doesn’t offer enough information about your
background, qualifications and experience. A detailed biography builds
credibility. The content in your biography isn’t all that important.
But the more information you provide, the better — because as familiarity
increases, trust increases. The more prospects know about your background,
the more comfortable they feel.

MISTAKE #3: The brochure doesn’t contain a personal message from you to
your prospect. Since the brochure is a stand-alone document, a personal
message takes the place of a cover letter. A short written message over
your signature adds a personal touch and helps build a trusting relationship.

MISTAKE #4: The brochure doesn’t contain a detailed list of services you
offer. Prospects often look at your service list to see if you provide
what they need. If they don’t see what they want, they may assume you
don’t provide that service. Make sure you list all the services prospects
look for.

MISTAKE #5: The brochure doesn’t include your photo. Photographs are
effective marketing tools because they establish a sense of relationship
between you and your prospect. Often, after seeing your photo, prospects
feel as if they know you, even if you have never met. Don’t worry about
your appearance. Prospects don’t care what you look like. But they feel
better when they know.

MISTAKE #6: The brochure doesn’t invite calls from prospects. Giving
information by itself isn’t enough. You must create a reason for prospects
to contact you. Interaction is the critical marketing step most mediators
overlook. Your brochure must result in your prospect taking the desired

MISTAKE #7: The brochure doesn’t contain client comments. In jurisdictions
where they are allowed, testimonials can be the most persuasive part of your
brochure. If you have letters of recommendation and thank you letters from
clients and colleagues, ask their permission to use those comments in your

MISTAKE #8: The brochure doesn’t offer educational information and advice.
If you want your prospect to keep your brochure, make sure it contains helpful
tips and advice. If the brochure simply touts your services, your prospect
may see it as an advertising piece and toss it into the round file. But
prospects often feel compelled to keep your brochure when it contains
information they value.

MISTAKE #9: The brochure doesn’t explain how you differ from other mediators.
If prospects don’t know your competitive advantages, they have no more reason
to hire you than another mediator. Make sure your brochure features your
positive differences.

MISTAKE #10: The brochure doesn’t contain your guarantee or promise. The
deeper the commitment you express, the more prospects appreciate your desire
to help them. A written personal promise or guarantee makes a statement that
few other mediators will match. Often, prospects perceive this to be a
significant competitive advantage.

MISTAKE #11: The brochures collect dust in your stock room. Many mediators
don’t have an organized plan to distribute their brochures. What a waste!
If you hope your brochures will attract new clients, you must get them into
the hands of your target audience and referral sources.

Need help with your print or web media?  Send me a message and I’ll be happy to set up a free one-hour consultation to review your pieces and answer any questions.



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