Your Marketing Check Up

Time for your annual marketing check up. Use the short survey of Robert Middleton’s
below to assess your practice development health. Give yourself from 1 to 5 points
on each statement. A perfect score is 125 points.

Positioning Solution. I have a clearly articulated solution statement for my business (Audio Logo) that tells what problems I solve and what solutions I provide my clients.

Target. I know who my clients are, where they are and what benefits and features they
are looking for in my kind of service.

Benefits. I have outlined a number of specific client-centered benefits that my clients
receive when they use my services.

Uniqueness. I have a Unique Competitive Advantage that explains why I am different than my competition and what that means to my clients.

Qualities. I am clear about the unique qualities I bring to my business and people know
me for those qualities.

Packaging Identity. I have an attractive and appropriate “business identity package” with cards and letterhead printed with my own unique company identity.

Value. Everything that I offer my clients is presented as a value to the client. I always
answer their question: “What’s in it for me?”

Services – What You get. My services, what I do and how I do it, are clearly presented in
a brochure, marketing package or web site. It’s no mystery what you get.

Pricing and Proposals. I have a well-defined pricing strategy and proposal outline.

Personal Presentation. Everything about my business, including my personal presentation are presented in a way that truly represents who I am.

Promotion Relationship. Through all my promotional vehicles people get a sense of who I am and what my services are really about.

Referrals Systems. I have several ways to actively generate referrals from existing clients.  Referrals are one of my strongest sources of new clients.

Visibility Systems. I stay visible to my target market and expand my credibility through
networking and a web site.

Expertise. I communicate my expertise to my target market through speaking to groups and writing/publishing articles.

Keep-In-Touch Systems. I send information to clients and prospects on a regular basis
through a newsletter, eZine or other marketing.

Persuasion Focus. Whenever I speak to someone about my services and their needs, I am totally focused on what I can do for them – how I can help.

Needs. I am skilled at building rapport by learning the past and present situation
of my prospects through a series of well-thought-out questions.

Objectives. I am skilled at motivating my clients to use my services by discovering
what future objectives are the most important to them.

Presentation. I have a well-structured and well-organized presentation designed to
inform my prospects about exactly how I can solve their problems and meet their objectives.

Recommendation. I am successful in asking for the business. I know what to say and do to win a prospect’s commitment to my services.

Performance Communication. I understand that the key to successful client engagements is clear communication.  I work constantly at improving this skill.

Promises. I make clear, unambiguous promises for what I will deliver and what results clients can expect when I undertake an assignment or project. I keep my word.

Requests. I make crystal-clear requests of my clients so they know what I expect of them in a client engagement.

Extra Mile. I don’t just offer good service. I do everything in my power to deliver service
that consistently exceeds clients’ expectations.

Personal Performance. I stay motivated and true to my personal vision of my business. I get the things done not only for my clients but for myself to make my business successful.

Well…, how did you do? If you scored above 100 you’re doing great – keep it up! If you
scored below 100 – you’ve some work ahead of you and if you scored below 50 – yikes – give me a call and I’ll help you get on track.


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