Who Do You Know?


Whether you’re in a big city like San Francisco, CA or a small town like
Center Lovell, ME (hello Downeasters!) building a successful practice can
depend on who you know. One seemingly universal truth about our industry
is that people who know and like us hire us. When we survey the clients
of ADR, they tell us that are not willing to gamble on a mediator or arbitrator.
They hire a resolutionist with whom they have already worked, or who comes as a
referral from a couple of sources.

So get out there – network, socialize, and let your target market get to know you.

Make sure they know you, your service specialty and that you will provide them a
professional process. You can prove your credibility and authority through networking,
writing, speaking or training. Essentially – anything that puts you in front of your
target market in such a way that they can “interview” you as a prospective resolutionist.


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