When I was starting my own business (a couple of decades ago and prior to the internet) books, classes, finding mentor were the way to learn business development and marketing.  I availed myself of all of those.  One of the best authors was Jay Conrad Levinson.  I use many of words of wisdom still.  Below are few.

According to Jay Conrad Levinson, author of Guerilla Marketing.


  1. You must have commitment to your marketing program.
  2. Think of that program as an investment
  3. See to it that your program is consistent
  4. Make your prospects confident in your firm or service
  5. You must be patient in order to keep a commitment.
  6. You must see that marketing is an assortment of weapons
  7. You must know that profits come subsequent to the sale
  8. You must aim to run your firm in a way that makes it convenient for your customers
  9. Put an element of amazement in your marketing.
  10. Use measurement to judge the effectiveness of your weapons
  11. Establish a situation of involvement between you and your customers
  12. Learn to become dependent upon other businesses and they upon you.
  13. You must be skilled with the armament of … technology.

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