Whether you convene your cases yourself, have an assistant make the necessary contacts or belong to a professional tribunal – don’t kid yourself; convening may be all about marketing.

How your conduct yourself on the phone and in writing, how you answer the parties’ questions, the way in which you collect information, and whether or not you can get reluctant parties to come to the table – it’s all marketing.  One of the key ingredients is moving a potential case into the active mediation process.  This frequently proves to be one of the greatest challenges for providers.

Since I’m constantly in search of methods to assist providers in strengthening their skills both as mediators and arbitrators as well as powerful marketers, I’m pleased to pass on information that I think may of some use to my readers and clients.

I’d like to direct you to where Mrs. Joyce Odidison offers seminars and workshops that will help you and your clients to prepare for mediation as well as a fantastic workbook for you and your clients.  Her site claims that the Pre-Mediation Workbook will increase your rate of successful mediation by approximately 90%.  The Pre-Mediation Workbook offers over 40 mediation preparedness tips and tools, will help you move potential cases from the convening process to the mediation process, transform high conflict into powerful bargaining and negotiating opportunities, reduce caucusing, gain tools to explore and deal with suppressed anger, and apply strategies to curb any power imbalance before mediation.

As marketing goes, it doesn’t get much better than Mrs. Odidison’s Pre-Mediation Workbook to help you move potential cases from convening into the hearing room.

For more information about workshops or the workbook please contact

Joyce Odidison, MA, PCC, CTDP Director,

Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc.

845 Henderson Hwy.

Winnipeg, MB. R2K 2L4

Tel: 204 668-5283

Toll Free: 1 877 999-9591




Natalie J. Armstrong-Motin

P.S.   If you haven’t received your free copy of the Marketing Professional Services

Workbook just drop us a line and we’ll forward your copy ASAP.

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