A frequent scenario –

An arbitrator or mediator calls my offices and wants to order a brochure.  I talk with  them about their practice, their location, their target market.  We find out whether or not the practitioner has a graphic or logo, a predetermined color scheme, or ideas about the content.  We ask them about their timeline and budget AND THEN … we ask them what their intentions are for the brochure.


“Well I don’t really have any other intentions other than to send the brochure to folks  who ask for one” is the usual response. What’s wrong with this you ask?

Nothing at all if you understand that the rate of response of sending a single piece of marketing collateral in less than one in a thousand.  That means that if your spend between $1,000 and $3,000 for the graphic layout of a brochure, print 1,000 of them and mail all 1,000 (to the tune of more than $4,500) you can expect to receive one client.  If this one client brings you more than $4,500 in revenue – Whoopeeee!  You are way ahead of the competition!  If not …. Then you might want to augment your investment in print collateral with a look at the “big picture”.

The big picture has to do with how your respond to folks who ask for your media.  Do you leave the conversation open for them to come back to you with questions?  Do you invite them to seek you out if they would like help with researching ADR?  Do you offer them referrals and alternate resources?  Once you suppose they have received your brochure, do you follow up with them to answer any questions they may have?  Do you include your business card in the mailing?  Do you continue to contact them with various pieces of helpful information?

What does your picture look like?  If the portrait you paint of your marketing practices is one dimensional, you might want to consider remodeling your marketing picture.


Natalie J. Armstrong

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