Serve Before You Sell


If you’ve read my book then you know this is a major point I make.
It’s such an important point – that it bears repeating.

We are a service industry. We are not the default (the courts).
Conflict resolution professionals cannot afford to treat people as though
they were still in the court system. People choose our processes and
they choose us. We’re in a people industry. We’re in a service industry.

The people who hire us or for whom we volunteer expect from us not
just service, but good service. That kind of service starts long
before you’re hired for a hearing.

Your view of people who hire you may have a powerful effect on the
way you treat them and consequently whether or not you get the job.

Consider the definitions of these two words.

Customer: A person who purchases a commodity or service.
Client: A person who is under the protection of another.

Next time you’re at a networking event approach everyone you meet as
though they are a client. Provide them the referrals they need, the
research avenues you have at your disposal, or industry news that
will benefit them. Likewise, the next time your phone rings remind
yourself that the person on the other end is a client, not just a customer,
and you’ll convene many more cases than ever before.

Serve before you sell. It should be the mantra of every businessperson
and it should be the backbone of your practice.

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