Tee It Up

Tee it up!


I’ve recently taken up golf.


I got some clubs, dropped them in a snazzy bag, got some spiky shoes, a glove, and box

of clean white balls.  I then sat down and watched the pros play a tournament on the big

glowing box in my living room.  I watched the way they dressed, walked, addressed the

ball, and which club they chose for their various shots.


Mmmm Hmmm.  I got it now!


I went down to the local course with all my new gear and with the appropriately hushed

tones positioned myself to a day of frustration and defeat.  I am not Tiger.  I am not even

as good as the 7 year old kid in the party in front of me playing with plastic Fisher Price



After some kind words from the junior golfer, and some liquid remedy in the clubhouse,

I conceded that the game may take a bit of practice.


This is not a news flash.


Anyone who is good at anything will tell you that they probably came by their skills

through either genetic or environmental good luck.  But … anyone who is GREAT at

what they do will tell you that the vast majority of their successes lie in the repeated

practice of their chosen art.  It’s true, perfect practice does make perfect.


Practice.  It’s simple, it’s frustrating, it’s time consuming, it’s demanding.


It is what is necessary to fine-tune your skills.  And it doesn’t matter what your chosen

endeavor is.  Whether it’s golf or mediation.  You have to practice to learn and grow, you

have practice to be good or better yet, to be great.


Marketing is the same way.


You have to have the necessary tools.  For golf you need clubs, shoes etc.  In order to

market yourself, you need to have some basic tools as well (like business cards, websites,

affiliations etc.)  AND … you have to practice.   You have to practice marketing your

business.  You might have to take a lesson or two or begin by playing a little Best Ball

with someone who shoots better than you.  The point is, you have to get out there and tee

it up.


So swing away, let the big dog eat, pay attention to how the pros play, and never

underestimate the power of the Mulligan (for the golf inept like me, the necessity of the

“do-over” can be all-important).


Good luck, play fair, and pray for good weather.

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