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As imperative as good customer service is, at best it only helps to reduce or eliminate bad word of mouth and might make a slight contribution to building positive word of mouth.  Just providing a better service is not enough to build a successful practice.

So what does work?

In a word: Networking.

Networking provides you the perfect opportunity (when done right) to go get the business you want, or even better, have your sources of referrals get it for you.

 Some key points to networking your way to success:

 First, in choosing a professional organization think about how long the group has been around and its reputation within its industry.  Consider the group’s philosophy, the number of members, the quality of its members and the attitude of its members.

 Second, once you’ve chosen a professional organization to network within keep in mind that you’re there to netWORK,  not netSIT or netEAT.  You have to WORK for your referrals.


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